On-line workshop – organizing without center ( 27th March) + new content

Due to the corona-crisis, I had to postpone my tour of workshops across Europe. But until we can meet in person, lets experiment with meeting without being at the same place.
This will be a ‘teaser’ workshop for the actual workshop, but you don’t have to later join a physical workshop to join. With this activity I want to inspire people to live without coercion. You’ll explore how to organise without center and learn underlying mechanisms of systems. The general perspective is to go to the root of matters, because it is easier to let your imagination go loose on this simplification , in order to create a completely new world. As with the physical workshop, there will be games and exchange.

Date: Friday 27th March, 20h (GMT+1). The room will be open some time before, to solve technical issues.
How to join? First choice will be https://www.vectera.com/meet/evo/mathanar/ – just click the link, no login required. With a lot of participants, the connection can however become bad on this platfrom. In that case, we’ll move to Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/102106275 . A download is however required (the reason it’s not the first choice). Try to get this ready beforehand.
The comments here are open as a kind of chat for technical or practical questions, or if you can’t/couldn’t join this date.

And I’d also want to put your attention to some new content on the site: a short video explaining what hierarchy is, and a booklet summarizing all ideas. The booklet will also be spread by paper on the physical workshops. So if you want to learn more before or after the workshop, or cannot attend, there you go!

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